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Signs that You Need to See a Podiatrist

Are among the people who wait until your ankle and foot problems escalate before seeking further attention from a podiatrist? They say prevention is better than cure. A podiatrist is a medical specialist that deals with issues affecting your feet or lower legs. For instance, a podiatrist can assess your foot health, correct latent issues or imbalances treat various foot and ankle problems before they can cause any further pain. Besides, he/she will advise you on the right shoes or Orthotics. Therefore, if you usually have below foot conditions ensure you seek the services of a podiatrist;

Experience Pain while doing daily activities

It is essential to seek podiatrist’s advice if you have pain in feet and ankle joints. Also, swollen, stiff, or tender feet could indicate that your feet are not in good condition. Moreover, it could be a sign of tendonitis, a fracture, broken bone, or a foot injury that has not healed properly. Additionally, arthritis is another cause of joint pain and stiffness. Hence, when you visit a podiatrist, he/she will do an extensive assessment before recommending a treatment that will effectively tackle your podiatry problem.

You intend to start running or exercising.

It may help seek podiatrist’s advice if you are about to take up a new sport, running or different program before issues like shin splints take a toll. Furthermore, sports like football and basketball put a lot of pressure on the lower limb and feet due to the inherent speed and sudden turns you make during play. To avoid serious conditions, you may visit a podiatrist who will recommend shoes that will best suit your body and the running style.

You have flat feet

Unfortunately, flat feet usually place some force on the body that causes pain in the back, heels, knees, hips, or even neck. Moreover, people with flat feet are likely to have bunions due to the abnormal pressure exerted on the big toe area. In turn, this causes the bone to move, and toe swings in to form a bunion. Luckily, Orthotics will help align the foot to a neutral position and ease the body’s pain. Besides, a podiatrist can design a special Orthotics for your condition meant to work with your body.

Your feet care is important for your health. Furthermore, it can directly affect your overall health leading to serious health problems. To some extent, you can get your feet checked even if you have healthy ones as a preventive measure. Therefore, if you have any issues related to feet or ankle, let your primary care physician recommend a podiatrist.